Undetected theft or damage in site grounding can lead to high impact safety and service continuity challenges. These include lengthy and expensive unplanned outages and critically, sites being left in a state that present a danger to employees, the public and on-site assets‏.

Reinstating grounding and restoring the integrity of the site is clearly urgent after such an event.However, all too often, theft or damage remains undetected for some time and compounds the risk of serious consequential damage or loss.

Repairs and reinstatement inevitably are highly disruptive and usually far outweigh the cost of the metal removed.The full cost of remedial works can extend to replacement grounding hardware, site downtime and reallocation of scarce engineering resource through to customer service disruption and potentially, regulatory fines.

Cresatech CuTS® is a sensing technology that monitors your site infrastructure 24 hours a day. Its active monitoring provides alerts and other information directly to your operations team whenever the monitored infrastructure becomes compromised, whether through theft or damage.

The unique patented technology was sponsored by, and developed in collaboration with the electricity distribution industry as a direct response to the lack of appropriate technology available. As a result, it is the only technology capable of delivering the operational, safety and risk mitigation benefits demanded by the industry. It has been developed as a cost effective solution which is capable of wide deployment across networks.